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Aaron Carter 'died without leaving a will' - leaving young son's inheritance in doubt


By Ayeesha Walsh

Aaron Carter reportedly died without making a will, meaning the decision of who inherits his estate will now fall to the state of California.

The 34 year old's untimely death meant that his affairs were not in order prior to his passing away and now decisions about who will gain control of his property will need to be made by the state.

The situation is made more complicated due to his baby son Prince currently being in the custody of fiancée Melanie Miller's mother after the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services became involved and removed the 11-month-old from their home.

The infant has been staying with Melanie's mother in Orange County since September, with Aaron and Melanie visiting him at her residence.

TMZ report that Aaron's lawyer had advised him to make a will prior to his tragic death - especially due to the fact his son was dependent on him - but he had not done it yet.

However, despite his turbulent start in life it does seem like Prince will be taken care of when the courts decide where the inheritance goes.

Most US states, including California, follow the guidance that when a single person dies with no will and they have a child, the child will inherit their parent's estate.

But according to reports from TMZ Aaron's finances were not great at the time of his death, with sources suggesting he was living 'hand to mouth' and spending anything he earned pretty swiftly.

However, his house was up for sale which could see Prince receive something from any profit made after the property is sold. Aaron tragically died last week when his body was found in the bathtub at his home by his housekeeper.

The woman who placed a distraught 911 call upon discovering him has since been reported as a homeless woman Aaron and Melanie had taken into the house in exchange for her help with doing odd jobs and keeping an eye on the place.

The couple had hired after they went away to visit Prince in Orange County and were alerted to a potential intruder in the house after the front door was seen open and cigarette butts were found around the property.

The homeless woman was recommended to them by a friend who attended the same church as her and only moved in 2-3 weeks prior to Aaron passing away.

A cause of death is yet to be determined after a coroner ruled that further investigations, including a toxicology report, were required before a definitive means could be made, the results of which could take months.

Meanwhile, Nick Carter has completed the UK leg of the Backstreet Boys DNA tour before heading home to the US.

Nick was in England when news broke of baby brother Aaron's death and made the brave decision to fulfil his remaining tour commitments before flying back to the states.


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