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Will Writing - Why Make a Will?

Will Wriring

Your will is the most important document you will ever own.  It represents your wishes from a lifetime of hard work.  The following are some important points to consider when making or updating yours.


It makes your wishes clear to those left behind, avoiding unnecessary delays and arguments amongst relatives that can arise when a deceased person's wishes are unclear.

YOU decide exactly who gets what and how much.  This could be anything from personal belongings to pets or property.


People will typically change their Wills 3-4 times during their lifetime.  Circumstances change, people move, die and sometimes argue.  The family may grow, grandchildren or great-grandchildren will arrive.  if things to change, it's important that your Will reflects your latest wishes and is updated accordingly in a timely fashion.


If you have children under age of 18, you need to make a Will to nominate guardians in the event of your death.

Protective Property Trusts

PPT's help towards protecting the deceased's share of the property, if the survivor were to go into care.  They will also prevent the survivor changing the Will to disinherit the deceased's beneficiaries.

Disability Trusts

Disabiility Trusts will protect those left behind who are unable to take care of their own finances.

Rights of Occupation

Rights of Occupation ensure loved ones can remain in the property, even it it eventually passes to a different beneficiary.


If your Will gets lost, stolen, damaged or tampered with, it will become invalid.  It's important that it's kept somewhere safe preferably away from the home in a fireproof location.  We offer storage facilities in a fireproof strongroom.

Our Estate Planning Services

Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of  Attorney 

A Lasting Power of Attorney will  give you peace of mind that you have taken care of the things that matter most to you.

Family Protection Trust

Family Asset Protection Trusts

The Family Asset Protection Trust (FAPT) has many advantages and ways of protecting your family's future.

Protective property Trust

Protective Property Trust

A Protective Property Trust (PPT) can help you protect your home and ensure it is passed on to those you care about.

Will Trusts

Will Trusts

With professional planning advice you can add a range of Will Trusts to your Will in order to protect those people you care about.

Gardening Together

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